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2018 Racing Rules
1. Age cut off as of January 1, 2018
2. Must use same motorcycle in both motos.
3. No Refunds after practice starts.
6. Big wheels eligible for supermini class.
7. No big bore kits allowed.
8. Trophy payback: Pee Wee- 100% Amateur- 33% Expert- 100% of money to 33% of class.
9. DNS--Did not start, rider will get 30 points plus number of riders in class for moto.
10. DNF--Did not finish, complets less than 50% of laps of moto winner, gets minimum of 20 points.
11. Flags: Yellow--Caution situation, can pass under this flag. Must be aware of situation. Medical--Can NOT PASS when this flag is displayed. Once beyond downed rider can continue racing. Must maintain position while in medical zone. Red--Race stopped return to the starting gate. If 50% of moto ran, race is complete. White- One lap remaining. Last Lap. Checker- Race is finished. Always race to the checkerflag.
12. When on a motorcycle/ATV you need to be wearing a helmet.
13. (A) Anyone racing beginner classes are subject to be moved up by track personnel. (B) Anyone who has raced a smaller bike will not move to beginner class. Just because you have a bigger bike.
14. Race Laps: Expert--7 Amateur--5 PeeWee--5
15. Classes exceeding gate capacity will have heat race qualifiers.
17. Riders who go off course must re-enter at same or safest point not gaining any positions.
18. Rider is responsible for the actions of family and pit crew.
19. Checkered flag means the race is over. If lapped you must exit track.
20.NO ALCOHOL will be allowed in the staging, starting gate, or mechanics area. When asked to leave the area with alcohol, refusal will result in disqualification of rider. Rider is responsible for family and pit crew actions.
21. No oil is to be dumped on the ground. We have oil barrels for this purpose.
22. A minor needs Parents or Legal Guardian to sign Release at sign in. If parent not present need to have medical authorization with someone at race.
23. If a rider moves up in class during series before 50% of series is complete, we will transfer 50% of their points to the new class.
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